The regions you can hunt are as follows:

  • Berneside Plains (Available at start)
  • Glaverow Volcanic Zone (Available at level 12)
  • Storm Reach Snowfield (Available at level 20)
  • Deadmoon Desert (Available at level 30)

Guardians are unique to their region, the only exceptions being Slimes, Red Slimes, Silver Slimes, and Gold Slimes.

There are two courses you can hunt in for each region.

  • Normal Course

This course consists of mainly 1-3 Star rarity cards. While 4 and 5 Star cards can be caught in this course, they are much more rare.

Entry requires a Hunting Ticket. These can be obtained through mission battles, login bonuses, or bought for 50 Friend Points. You can also hunt for free in this course once a day.

  • Special Course

This course consists of only 3-5 Star rarity cards.

Entry requires a Special Hunting Ticket. These can be obtained from catalogue completion rewards, Coliseum rewards, login bonuses, or bought for 1500 Friend Points. Subsequently, you can buy a Special Hunting Ticket for 300 coins, or 100 coins for the your first purchase. Coins are obtained from in-game real money purchases.

Once you have selected a course, a map of the Hunting Ground is shown. Red dots will flash on the map indicating where guardians currently are. Your sixty seconds does not start until you select the first area to begin hunting. After you have picked a spot to start hunting, you will be brought to the scope. To return to the map, tap the Map button at the top left hand corner of the screen, although your time will continue to run down.

To capture a guardian, navigate your scope over a guardian and press the shoot button to attack it. Once shot at, the guardian will attempt to flee and begin to run off. When you hit the guardian, a health bar will appear to show how many more hits it will take to capture. Guardians can take anywhere from two to five hits to capture. You can shoot your rifle five times before you have to reload, which takes about five seconds.

Occasionally during hunts, special events may happen.

Sometimes a flashing yellow guardian will appear. Catching it will add ten seconds to your timer.

Sometimes a guardian will briefly flash red and the word Break will appear over it. If you hit it during this time, you will instantly capture it no matter how much health it has left, the exception being large guardians, where a hit during a Break is the same as five normal shots. Guardians will not have break chances in Deadmoon Desert because of the Land Mines.

Glaverow Volcanic Zone introduced large guardians. These can be easily distinguished by their colossal size. A warning sign will appear to let you know one has appeared. If a large guardian does appear, it will always show up when you have 45 seconds left on the clock. You will not be able to capture it on your first attempt, but any damage you do to it will be carried over to the next time it appears.

Storm Reach Snowfield introduced Frozen Break and Frozen Trigger. When this is activated, your timer will pause and a snow storm will sweep across the screen. If Frozen Break is shown, all the guardians on the screen will be frozen in ice for about ten seconds and can be captured in only one hit. If Frozen Trigger appears after the snow storm though, then your rifle is frozen and can't shoot until you tap the shoot button enough times, which can take about five seconds.

Deadmoon Desert introduced Mirage and Land Mines. Occasionally when you shoot at a guardian, it may split into 3 shadows and disappear as a mirage. Land Mines can be shot to cause a large explosion instantly catching any guardian in it's blast radius. Any guardians on the edge of your scope will escape the blast.

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